UPDATE: Playlists and Tracklists Pages

NEW Playlists & Tracklists Pages

Hello all! Just a quick update to share some newly published pages for Character Playlists and Tracklists. Creating playlists has become a gradual + passive way for me to develop my OCs and OTPs as I listen to music, since I’m often listening for new songs or old favorites that suit their characters.

While I do link my OCs’ Spotify playlists on their pages, there isn’t a easy way to browse them all at a glance unless someone follows my Spotify account — which shouldn’t be a prerequisite. The Playlists page is meant to cut that barrier, and also save a few clicks — since all embedded tracks can be scrolled and even played or sampled within your browser. The Tracklists page also serve as a text-based record to easily skim songs and artists.

I may save further reflection on building playlists for another blog post, and I intend to make a similar playlist hub for my DEITIES Project at a later date. For now, I hope my collection will speak [sing?] for itself! Feel free to sample any of the tracks in your browser or Spotify app if you need something fresh to listen to, and hope you enjoy!

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Hello everyone! I'm Teni / TeniCola, and I'm an illustrator and visual storyteller who recently completed her education as a visual designer and web developer. My WordPress.com presence is still in the works, but if you're looking for my other media accounts, you'll find them on my profile site -- https://tenicola.carrd.co

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