“Constellations of Starlings,” i.e. ColaCanvas.com, is my online portfolio for my roster of original characters. The primary aim for this website is to provide an online “home” to record details about my characters; to display their visual designs; and to organize my collection as they continue to develop and grow.

The secondary aim for this ‘folio is to experiment with site-building and blogging, both which are possible using WordPress. The manner in which I’ll blog about my characters is in the works and remains to be seen, but the tools are there for me to work with on this platform.


I’m Teni Coker / “TeniCola,” an artist, designer, and visual storyteller who enjoys exploring character designs. Examples of my artwork can be found in my Art Portfolio and on my other media accounts.

In addition to running this character portfolio, I also have an ongoing personal project — Deities of Duat / DEITIES Project — which features my design interpretations of the Ancient Egyptian gods and mythology.

If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me and following my progress online. Thank you for visiting and for your interest!


Click any of the questions below to expand them for my answers. I no longer keep a CuriousCat account, but I’ll consider another method for new questions in the future.

“What tools, media, and programs do you use for drawing?”

Digital Media: Wacom Cintiq 13 HD + Clip Studio Paint. I also know how to use Paint Tool Sai and Paint.NET, and occasionally use Affinity Photo for retouching.

Traditional Media: Col-Erase colored pencils + Mechanical pencils for sketching. Sometimes I use ballpoint pens for inks.

“Are you okay with others drawing giftart of your characters?”

More than okay, I love giftart and would be honored, thank you! Please feel free to draw my OCs, and I’ll gladly share giftart on the blog in their galleries, with credit and links back to the artist. You can also find visual references for any characters by visiting their profiles.

My only request is that any giftart is kept tasteful — otherwise I cannot retweet/reblog it, nor share it within the portfolio.

“Are you available to role-play with your characters?”

At this time, I reserve RP-ing (Role-Playing) and canon / in-depth plots between my close friends. I’m also open to light characters interactions, but prefer to keep it among friends and those who I’m comfortable with.

With that said, please feel free to ask about my characters on my CuriousCat, if you’d like to offer headcanons or learn more about them!

“Do you mind if others share your artwork, or post them on their website / accounts?”

I share most of my artwork and characters on several social media that include twitter, instagram, and tumblr — so you’re welcome to retweet, reblog, and otherwise share from those accounts, I’ll appreciate it!

I do NOT welcome reposting my artwork, however; my art and OCs are very personal, and some of my art feature others’ characters. I kindly ask the following: Please do not repost or reuse my art or character designs. If you have a valid reason to use my artwork, please ask for my permission, first.

“What platform and theme do you use to build and manage this website?”

This website is hosted entirely on WordPress.com, using the TwentyFifteen theme and some [okay, a lot of–] custom CSS. The CSS is a premium feature, but everything else on this site is available with a free plan and using the Block Editor.

NOTE: For general questions regarding how I manage my site, I’m happy to gather them for a blog update sometime! I also encourage visitors to review the available guides on the WordPress.com Support pages.


If you’re interested in following my blog for any progress or updates, feel free to submit your email address below. WordPress.com will send an email notification each time I publish a new blog post, and you may unsubscribe at any time.