Character Summary

NAME: Khimoré Lykaine [ kim-MORE-rey ] — “Khimoré”

SPECIES: Hellhound Gijinka (Noviera / Mythical Verse); Invidia/Envy Demon (Vices & Virtues / Demon Verse)

GENDER: Female (she/her) || AGE: 19+ years || BIRTH DATE: December 17th ||  HEIGHT: 5′ 3″ (~160 cm)

IDENTITY: Demiromantic + Gray-Ace

PERSONALITY: Quiet | Gentle | Soft-spoken | Considerate | Passive | Unassertive | Attentive | Loyal

Raised within a powerful family that prided status and strength above all else, Khimoré grew up with a prevalent “omega wolf” mentality. She is soft-spoken and shy, has self-esteem issues, and is generally submissive to the core. But having grown some inner resolve and a slightly thicker skin, she can normally mask her true emotions and insecurities behind a calm, mellow demeanor.

Her shadow, meanwhile — being an extension of Khimoré’s magic — is also an extension of her mood. It will visibly react to things that interest, startle, or annoy Khim, even if her own expressions remain subtle or hidden. Even then, her shadow can display an “unpredictable” nature at times — one that doesn’t always reflect Khimoré’s actual demeanor.

For her part, Khimoré tries to remain pleasant and polite when dealing others, and she holds due respect for those in authority. However, she will distance herself from those that repeatedly berate or upset her, if only to keep her emotions in check so her shadow doesn’t lash out on her behalf.

It takes a while for Khimoré to warm up to others, but once they gain her trust, she will act more comfortable and open around them. She has the capacity to be an intensely loyal friend who is eager to please, but until recently she had rarely shown this side to herself. With recent time and care from her close relationships, and from the few family members she could confide in, Khimoré has begun to find her footing, and slowly grow her confidence and sense of self.

MAGIC ABILITY: Shadow Manipulation || Click To Expand / Collapse

A type of dark magic passed through her bloodline that allows her to directly influence the movements of her shadow. In the active form, her shadow is controlled to interact with the shadow of other objects, in order to better sense what or who they are, or as a defense by causing psychological discomfort or pain. The energy used depends in part on the cast size of her shadow and how complex its movements are.

In the passive form, her shadow is masked to look and behave normally… usually. It occasionally dictates its own movements, as the magic seems to give it a mind of its own, but it is otherwise harmless and uses minimal energy.

Recently, Khimoré has developed a stronger ability that allows her to manifest her shadow in a physical form, allowing it to come into physical interaction with objects. As of now, she can only project the image of her shadow off from surfaces for a short time, but is getting closer to rendering it in full-bodied form. She still hesitates to use this ability often, worrying that she may drain too much energy or lose her control.

OCCUPATION(S): Freelance Hunter & Tracker/Guide

SKILLS: Hunting and tracking | Archery | Accuracy and precision | Heightened sense of smell | Shadow magic

LIKES: Quietness | Darkness | Animals (esp. birds) | PRAISE | Sleeping and napping | Friendly company | Her shadow (usually)

DISLIKES: Unpleasant odors | DISAPPOINTING OTHERS | CONFLICTS | Loud and/or aggressive people | Her shadow (sometimes)


SIGNIFICANT OTHER: IFRIT — Love Interest (Djinn/Wrath Demon); Ifrit © Synodicmeg [Instagram]


  • NEKRIMAE — Mother (Hellhound / Pride Demon)
  • KHARUNÉ — Twin brother (Hellhound / Envy Demon)
  • KHIARA — Older Cousin (Hellhound / Demon)


PET: SHADOW — Warg (Noviera / Mythical Verse)



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Artwork & Design References

MAIN DESIGN: Hellhound Gijinka (Noviera / Mythical Verse); based on Black dogs and the Black Shuck

Yellow eyes, with slit pupils and yellow sclera; dark purple hair with lighter streaks, chin-length; ectomorph; dog ears that stand erect, but move expressively; ox-like horns that protrude from top of head, then curl to the side; eyeliner-like markings around eyes; sharp canine teeth; long tail w/ shaggy fur; black fingernails and claw-like toenails; tends to hide/cover mouth with scarves.


(Mythical Verse)
(Demon Verse)
(Pokemon Verse)
(Fangs & Magic AU)
(Genshin Verse)
(Contract AU)
(Mafia AU; etc.)


Additional Notes

CHARACTER TROPES: The Quiet OneShrinking VioletBroken BirdThe BeastmasterLiving Shadow (her shadow is, at least)

MUSIC THEME(S): Madilyn Bailey’s “Titanium” (David Guetta cover); Evanescence’s “Missing“; Aly and AJ’s “No One” — see Spotify Playlist for more


UNSORTED CONTENT || NOTE: Needs Revision, but click to Expand / Collapse

Khimoré uses her bow and arrow to catch various wild game, generally small and medium in size. Hunts for her own food, and also for trading fur and meat with other merchants for extra revenue. Also able to capture animals live by using traps, or her shadow, if needed or requested.

  • Khim’s prior archery training growing up, and experience with hunting, has made her very precise with her bow and arrow. She is able to aim for the most vital parts of an animal’s body for a quick and, ideally, struggle-free kill. This ability extends, in part, to her shadow magic when she aims for weak points to attack in defense, but it is not yet well-developed.
  • Khim has a heightened sense of smell, Khim can usually identify the source of a familiar scent, even if it is faint. At the same time, particularly strong odors will catch her attention and are hard to ignore, and unpleasant smells may bother her sensitive nose. Her original bow belonged to her twin brother. It is one of her few, but most prized possessions from home, and she took it with her almost everywhere. Her bow has since been destroyed during a close call with a golden boar. She is using a basic bow now, and is saving up for an upgrade to replace her old one.
  • Has a particular fondness for birds; she likes watching them and has a somewhat harder time hunting them unless necessary.
  • She is fairly used to the smell of blood and animal flesh, so they no longer bother her as much as other strong odors.
  • Her shadow tends to shift between appearing like a normal silhouette, and appearing more beastly (wolf-like) — the latter most especially during active use of her magic. It also has a somewhat… “unpredictable” nature at times.
  • Her shadow, being something of an extension of Khimoré’s magic, is also an extension to her emotions; it will visibly react to things that interest, startle, or annoy Khim, even if her own expression remains subtle.