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Featuring others’ artwork of Dzhokar — including but not limited to any giftart, featured art, art trades, collaborations, and commissions (NOTE: See Dzhokar’s Profile for artwork and references drawn by TeniCola).

All Artwork © Their Respective Artists — Artist credits in image captions where possible, and full credits and links to artists are listed below the gallery. Thank you all for drawing my character!


FULL ARTIST CREDITS & LINKS || ABC Order — Click To Expand / Collapse

BeastofOblivion || Website / Twitter / Tumblr
Corycatte || Website / Twitter / Instagram / Ko-fi
Decarbry || Website / Twitter / Instagram / Ko-fi
Jinkz || Twitter / Tumblr / Instagram / Ko-fi
KaceyMeg || Website / Twitter / Instagram / Patreon
OiiChyo || Website / Twitter / Instagram / Ko-fi
PapAya || Twitter / Instagram / Tumblr
QuillCoil || DeviantArt / Twitter
Yottabytes || Tumblr

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Hello everyone! I'm Teni / TeniCola, and I'm an illustrator and visual storyteller who recently completed her education as a visual designer and web developer. My presence is still in the works, but if you're looking for my other media accounts, you'll find them on my profile site --