UPDATE: OC-tober 2020 Recap

OC-tober 2020 Recap & Commentary

Happy Halloween everyone, and happy end to this year’s OC_Tober run! This spontaneous post is the result of a minor (major–) hitch is editing the Twitter Moment I intended to manage for my own # OC_tober run — one that couldn’t be “undone” nor readily remade in a timely matter. While the thread is still active, it’s may not be easy to navigate, at least not in order. Thanks a bunch, Twitter.

To make up for this, I’ve placed my recorded tweet commentary in this blog post — thanks to drafting all of them in Notion.so to keep things organized. Characters will be presented in the order of introduction for ease of access and scrolling. Feel free to catch up and learn more about my first 32 OCs under the cut!

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