UPDATE: 2022 ➝ 2023 New Year Reflections + Goals

UPDATE: 2022 ➝ 2023 New Year Reflections + Goals

Happy New Year to everyone! I know I’m a week late, and most people have already written their own New Years reflections by now, but I waited until after the holiday rush to collect my thoughts. Also I was sick for a few days — just with a cold though, thankfully.

I originally intended to write an update that only pertained to DEITIES Project — to mirror the update I did last year on the DEITIES website. However, with the amount of tasks I accomplished in 2022 (both inside and outside the project) — and the amount that I’d like to continue in 2023 — I figured it’d be better to reflect on everything within the same post, this time using the blog feature on my OC’ Portfolio.

With this in mind, here’s a retrospective for my past year, and an idea of what I hope to accomplish in the new year…

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